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SEO Competitor Analysis

We research the links, keywords, content, and more of your SEO competitors

That data is then used to reverse-engineer the most successful tactics, which are then incorporated into your own SEO strategy.

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SEO Competitive Analysis Services

Any business looking to succeed online needs to understand its competition. Figuring out what other businesses in your industry are doing well–and what they’re doing badly–is crucial to gaining the upper hand in digital strategy. If you don’t know the playing field in detail, you might end up dedicating valuable time and resources to fighting the wrong battles, or you might miss easy opportunities to boost your performance.

Our marketing experts can provide you with the knowledge you need to outperform your competition and develop a strong SEO strategy. We excel at targeting specific areas for improvement based on detailed competitor research, giving you the tools to improve your organic reach. What’s more, we understand that digital marketing is a continuous process, so we develop plans that will continue to drive traffic to your business in the long-term.

What Is Competitor Analysis?

A Competitive Analysis Service is when you conduct research into your closest competition to see how they are managing their digital strategy. This can include everything from a detailed analysis of their website to a breakdown of their SEO practices. The more you know about how your competitors operate, the better chance you have of taking their top spot and reaching more customers. Competitor Analysis is an easy way to figure out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to your specific industry.

At Measurable SEO, our experts craft each campaign specifically for each client to make sure they develop a bespoke marketing strategy. Even so, Competitive Analysis Services will usually contain the following stages:

  • Identifying Competition

  • Evaluating Strategies

  • Website Analysis

  • Off-site Analysis

Identifying Competition

The maxim “know thy enemy” is as true in digital marketing as it is in war. The first stage to any competitive analysis is to identify who your strongest competition is: which websites are ranking consistently highly, which businesses have a strong social presence, where are consumers organically drawn towards. This starts with knowing your top keyword or keywords and who comes out on top in an organic search for that term. Bear in mind that your online competitor might not be your direct business competition, just a website whose SEO performance is better than yours.

Evaluating Strategies

Once you know your market, you can start building a picture of their digitalmarketing strategy. Again, keywords should be at the center of your actions.Identify primary keywords for their webpages, research their Google rankingand search volume, and figure out how competitive their keyword ranking is.You should come up with a strong picture of what your biggest competition isdoing well and what you could be doing better.

Off-site Analysis

A strong Competitive Analysis Service doesn’t just focus on the website itself, but a range of off-site factors that can affect Google ranking. Ourexperts use all the tools at their disposal to investigate how optimized a business is and what they could be doing better. This could include:


Domain authority and page authority, to determine the strength of your competitor’s domain and individual webpages


How many of their pages of have been indexed


Backlink profile, based the number of quality links and how they are anchored


Organic visibility, based on how many pages appear as search results

These elements go beyond the typical SEO approach to deliver all-encompassing reports based on all the relevant data. A well-rounded approach to marketing strategy will ensure long-lasting improvement on your search engine ranking.

Competitor Analysis As Marketing Strategy

Any digital marketing strategy worth its salt will have a heavy element of SEO Competitive Analysis Services. There’s no way you can play well in a game where you don’t know the rules. When it comes to search engine ranking, knowing your competition and understanding their processes, strengths, and weaknesses is the only way to excel.

At Measurable SEO, our experts can provide you with the information necessary to make tactical, educated decisions about how to develop your online presence. With our comprehensive competitor reports, your business will be able to develop a digital strategy that enhances your strengths and combats your weaknesses, consistently pushing you to the top of Google results. Better organic traffic necessarily equals a higher ROI, so you know that quality competitor research is worth the investment.

What’s more, we know how important a personal service is. Our team works with brands in all types of industries, developing unique strategy depending on your unique situation. Contact one of our expert today to see how we can help your business grow.


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